San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The municipality of San Juan del Sur is the second largest municipality in the department of Rivas and one of two municipalities that border with Costa Rica.

The most important reference for nature conservation in this municipality is the “Wildlife Refuge La Flor”, located 21 kilometers south of the center of town of San Juan del Sur. It has an approximate area of 800 hectares and it protects unique and very important resources of great ecological and social value, including the protection of five species of sea turtles (hawksbill turtle, paslama, green turtle, tora or baula and torita turtle) that nest on Nicaragua’s Pacific beaches.


It is one of only two places where massive nesting takes place in the country and one of eight such places that exist around the world. In addition, it has a variety of habitats of ecological and economic importance such as secondary growth vegetation, mangrove swamps, and a great diversity of flora and fauna species.

How to get there?

To get to San Juan del Sur you can take a bus at the Mercado Roberto Huembes terminal in Managua.

If you travel by car, departing from Managua take the Pan-American Highway South (locally referred to as “Carretera Sur”) to Rivas and continue straight until you reach the junction of “La Virgen”, take a right turn and continue for another 18 kilometer on the road that leads to the Port of San Juan del Sur. The roads are properly signposted.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Sun and Beach Tourism

San Juan del Sur is currently considered the “Mecca of surfing” in Nicaragua, a place where the beach, sun and sand mix perfectly, resulting in a true natural paradise waiting for you to be discovered.

San Juan del SurThe beaches of San Juan del Sur are among the most visited in the country, so there is much human activity on the shores. Even so, the vegetation in sectors such as La Flor, Playa Marseille, Playa Madera is still preserved, mainly in areas with steep slopes. The coastline in Rivas has several bays and rocky hills with poor soils.


The beautiful Maderas beach is a place you definitely have to visit, especially if you are a surf lover. This beach has one of the best waves in the area, ideal for surfing. Several options for lodging are available in the vicinity for those who want to stay for a while to enjoy this place, get to know the community and enjoy the local cuisine. This beach borders to the north with “Playa Majagual”.

surf lover


Visit “Playa El Coco”, a long beach with rocky formations at its edges, it is an ideal place to relax, go horse riding or practice cycling in the community, practice beach sports or go for a hike to Bolaños Island (in which case we recommend you to hire the services of a guide of the marine park). This beach is located on the road to Ostional.

Playa El Coco

Discover “El Ostional beach”, an imposing, practically virgin place, which compared to the other beaches receives less visitors because it is harder to reach.  You will breathe peace and tranquility at this beach, and you can go kayaking along the Ostional River, go on a boat tour to fish, take a stroll along the coast, observe rock formations that form breakwaters with high tide and practice beach sports such as volleyball and soccer.



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