Ometepe: Setting for the Fuego y Agua Ultra Marathon

“The land of lakes and volcanoes is preparing to welcome more than 300 athletes to the Fuego y Agua ultra marathon, which will be held on Ometepe Island on March 2nd and 3rd.”

Anasha Campbell, co-director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, INTUR, highlighted that this event showcases and promotes the natural beauties that Nicaragua possesses, welcoming the athletes who will be participating in the event. She emphasized the warmth that characterizes the nation, stating, “Our people welcome visitors with open arms and hearts, making them feel like just another Nicaraguan. We hope they enjoy not only the event but also explore fascinating and irresistible Nicaragua, enjoying the cultural beauties, history, and national cuisine.”

The event features four categories: 25 km, climbing the Maderas volcano; 50 km, climbing and descending the Maderas volcano twice; 100 km, climbing and descending both the Maderas and Concepción volcanoes; and for the first time, it includes the amateur category of 14 km. Additionally, there will be children’s races with local kids on Santo Domingo beach.

Fuego y Agua Nicaragua is a unique trail series like no other in the world. The terrain includes dirt trails, sandy beaches, paved roads, single-track trails, a chaotic network of trees, disappearing trails, and mud. It is a member of the Latin American Trail Series, as stated on its website.


Fuego y Agua