Pork rinds with yucca and coleslaw, served on a banana leaf

The Gastronomic Route

The authentic aromas and flavors are enjoyed in every corner of Nicaragua, dishes, drinks and sweets that tell the times of the year, heritage of customs and ancestral recipes, accompanied by sounds that announce the seasons and festivities, bringing families and friends together.

The Gastronomic Routes aim to discover the history and traditions of our town through local foods that keep traditions and ancestral recipes passed down from generation to generation.

It is estimated that at the national level there are 1,060 typical foods, however, it is important to mention that there are differences between the foods depending on the area of the country that is visited. In the Pacific, North and Center of the country, the main base of Nicaraguan gastronomy is corn and its derivatives, an influence that comes from indigenous culture. In the Caribbean, gastronomy is a little different, since its main base is coconut milk and shellfish.

Gastronomy tourism can be developed on this route.

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