Getting to Nicaragua from the United States

At less than two hours from Miami or two-and-a-half hours from Houston, Managua is just a short flight away from the U.S. Several major airlines, from American to Avianca, offer direct flights from cities such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Dallas. Many other airlines offer connections through various cities in the United States.

Getting to Nicaragua by Land

It is also possible to visit Nicaragua by bus from Tegucigalpa (Honduras), San José (Costa Rica) or San Salvador (El Salvador). Please consult the list of international passenger transportation companies to obtain current information about fares and itineraries through their websites or contact them by email.

If you wish to rent a vehicle and travel to other countries in the region, consult the list of vehicle rental companies to make the necessary arrangements. It is recommended that you do this several days in advance.

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