Many U.S. airline carriers offer a multitude of flights to Managua with 1 or 2 stops, making your flight to Managua not only short, but also convenient.

Several U.S. airline carriers offer direct, non-stop flights to Managua, Nicaragua from major U.S. cities. Listed below is a sampling of these direct, non-stop flight schedules. Note that while this information is current as of post date, flight schedules are subject to change. Please check with your travel agent or the individual airline carriers for current schedules.

Flight Schedules

# FlightDepartFlight Length
AA 2243Miami (MIA)12:00 p.m.
AA 1429Miami (MIA)01:29 p.m.
AA 993Miami (MIA)06:51 p.m.


US airline with two daily flights to Miami and connecting flights.
Main office: Plaza España 300 meter south.

(505) 255-9090
Sales: (505) 255-9095
Fax: (505) 255-9099
Monday to Friday, 08:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Saturday, 08:00 AM. – 05:00 PM.
Sunday: 09:00 AM. – 01:00 M.

Airport Office:
Tel: (505) 233-1624/28 Ext. 2272;
Tel: (505) 263-1045
Fax: (505) 263-1046
Monday to Friday: 08:00 AM. – 04:00 PM.
Saturday: 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Sunday and Holiday closed.

# FlightDepartFlight Length
AM 650México (MEX)11:26 a.m.
AM 620México (MEX)06:23 p.m.


Mexican airline, makes two flights daily to Mexico City and connections.

Reservations Tel: 1800-2260-294

Offices at Augusto C. Sandino International Airport:
Tel: (505) 2263-1027 / 2263-1028

# FlightDepartFlight Length
TA 396San Salvador (SAL)09:47 a.m.
GU 707Guatemala (GUA)11:15 a.m.
TA 491San Salvador (SAL)03:45 p.m.
TA 397Miami (MIA)04:45 p.m.
TA 315San Salvador (SAL)09:15 p.m.

Central American airline with daily flights to Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, San Salvador, Guatemala City, New York, Chile, Colombia, Perú, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba, Canadá, Belice, Panamá and Managua. Monday, tuesday, thursday and saturday to Brazil.

Main office: Málaga building, Plaza España, behind McDonald’s.
Tel: (505) 266-6698
Reservations: (505) 266-3136

Airport office:
Tel: (505) 263-1929/31/32
Fax: (505) 263-1808

# FlightDepartFlight Length
CM 169San José (SJO)07:25 a.m.
CM 405Guatemala (GUA)08:00 a.m.
CM 826Panamá (PTY)10:15 a.m.
CM 106Panamá (PTY)12:42 p.m.
CM 164San José (SJO)06:49 p.m.
CM 712Panamá (PTY)10:50 p.m.


Airline with Panamanian and North American capital, it makes daily flights Guatemala City, Managua, San Jose, San Salvador, Panama and connections.
Central Office: Higway Masaya Km 4 and half building CAR # 6.
Reservations Tel: (505) 2267-0045
Fax: (505) 2233-1680

Airport Offices
Tel: (505) 2233-1624 / 28 Ext. 2257; (505) 2233-1404
Fax: (505) 2233-1680

# FlightDepartFlight Length
DL 369Atlanta (ATL)08:00 p.m.

US airline with one daily flight to Atlanta and connecting flights.
Main office: Rutonda El Güengüense 100 meter east, in front of main entrance of Price Smart.
Reservations: (505) 254-8130
Fax: (505) 233-3777

Airport Office
Tel: (505) 233-9943
Fax: (505) 233-3777

# FlightDepartFlight Length
UA 1432Houston (IAH)11:44 a.m.
UA 1421Houston (IAH)08:37 p.m.

US airline with daily flights to Houston and connecting flights.
Main office: Ofiplaza building, second level building 5.

Reservations: (505) 278-7033
Fax: (505) 278-2838

Airport office
Tel. EAAI: (505) 233-1624/28 Ext. 2253;
Contiental Airlines Airport office:. (505) 263-1030
Fax: (505) 263-1034

# FlightDepartFlight Length
LC 508Tegucigalpa (TGU)10:05 a.m.

Nicaraguan airline with daily flights to Corn Island, Siuna, Puerto Cabezas, Bluefields, Bonanza, Rosita, Waspán and San Carlos, as well as charters and cargo transportation.

Office at the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport

Tel: (505) 263-2142 Ext. 2203 – 2209 Fax: (505) 263-1281

# FlightDepartFlight Length
NK 439Fort Lauderdale (FLL)02:14 a.m.

Online Ticket Reservations and Purchases: 

Reservation Office
Camino de Oriente, Carretera a Masaya
Behind the Toys Store
Phones: 2278-1149 and 2270-1010
Fax: (505) 233-2887
Email: [email protected]

Office Airport
Phone: 2233-2884
Email: [email protected]
For sale of tickets at the airport, only from 10pm to 12am on flight days.