7 things you should do

7 things you should do if you’re young and decide to Visit Nicaragua


If you’re young, adventurous, love nature, and have decided to travel around the world without a return ticket to your country of origin, then Nicaragua definitely has to be on your bucket list.

Located in Central America, the country is well-known for its extensive rainforest, beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and mountains, everything you need to connect with nature, and yourself, and to challenge your physical resistance while meeting new people.

Here are seven things you can do if you’re young and decide to Visit Nicaragua.

Surf on the Pacific coast

There is no secret that the country has been highlighted over the last years for having some of the best waves to surf. Beaches like Aserradores in Chinandega and Salinas Grande in León are some good options, but if you’re into getting to know the community of surfers of the country, then the coast of Rivas is a better option.

We recommend beaches like Tola, Popoyo, and Colorado.

Climb the highest volcano in the country

If you’re into being above the clouds, then hiking up the San Cristóbal Volcano is what you need to do. It is located in the Chinandega department and getting to its top takes around 5 hours. The best thing about this experience is that you will enjoy the volcanic crater and the best views of the countryside. Depending on the time you go, you can also catch the sunrise or sunset.

When going, don’t forget to hydrate yourself and to bring sunscreen and your camera.

Dive under the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean

Due to the calm and crystal waters of this region, diving would be one of your greatest experiences. Great Corn Island and Little Corn Island is where you should go to explore the immense deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, its beautiful coral reefs, and marine species.

If you are in luck, you can even come across dolphins, pirate cannons, or the sunken statue of the Virgin Mary. We recommend visiting Blowing Rock, of volcanic origin, which is seven miles off the shores of Great Corn Island. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera to take the best photos for Instagram.

Hike up to the highest peak in the country

If among your life plans is to visit the highest mountain in the world, but you still need to practice a bit more before doing so, then Cerro Mogotón —in San Fernando, Nueva Segovia— awaits you. It has a height of 2,107 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in Nicaragua.

Drinking a lot of water and using hiking boots are recommended when you endeavor this journey.

Slide down an active volcano

You cannot come to Nicaragua without visiting one of its volcanoes, and neither go to the city of León without going to the Cerro Negro volcano, known as one of the youngest in Central America and for its singular sandboarding, a contemporary sport that consists of sliding down the volcano on a wooden board.

This is similar to ice skiing but offers much more adrenaline and heat, due to the hot weather of this region. Sunblock and drinking a lot of water are required for this journey.

Visit and dance at a local party

After enjoying all the natural wonders that Nicaragua has to offer, now it’s time to enjoy a local party where you can meet locals and foreigners and also enjoy national drinks. Parties at San Juan del Sur, Granada, León and Estelí are a good options.