Searching for a pearl in the Caribbean of Nicaragua

Searching for a pearl in the Caribbean of Nicaragua

The early morning lights fade in the rearview mirror as we begin our journey towards the Pearl Cays, a paradisiacal corner surrounded by water on the Southern Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. We leave Managua and for six hours we are accompanied by the certainty that it will be a trip full of adventures and discoveries.

We arrive at Laguna de Perlas, a municipality that houses the Cayos Perlas Wildlife Refuge, we are welcomed by its warmth, its Afro-Caribbean culture and its people who look at us attentively, recognizing our faces, sure that we do not belong to their atmosphere or their space. Nicaraguan.


The Slilma hotel welcomes us that night…

It is 6:00 in the morning on day two, we take a boat from the Laguna de Perlas municipal dock, which immerses us for 45 minutes in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, a trip (not suitable for the faint of heart) that offers us a view panoramic view of the coast, with small coastal villages and palm trees waving in the wind along the way.

The sun shines high in the sky, and the golden reflection in the water prepares us for the beauty that is to come…


The mix of turquoise blue colors surprises us as we get closer, we see the crystal clear water that welcomes us, we arrive at our destination: the Pearl Cays. Here we are welcomed by a landscape made up of a succession of 24 islands with white sand beaches and lush tropical vegetation. Palm trees sway to the rhythm of the wind, inviting us to enjoy the serenity that this almost unreal place offers.

We are on one of the smallest islands, Cayo Uva or Grape CayHere there are no hotels, bars, or accommodations, which gives us the experience of being surrounded by the sea at all times. The journey also takes us to Baboon Cay, where there were once cabins built on wooden stilts in the middle of the water, and it is from here that we enjoy the sunset, with orange and pink tones reflecting in the water. An unforgettable show!


We explored the Pearl Cays by kayak and discovered its rich marine life while snorkeling, surprised by its nearby coral reefs, the crystal clear waters that allow us to see turtles, a variety of fish, starfish and other inhabitants of the marine habitat.

We discovered that the true jewel of the Keys is the natural beauty and authenticity of this almost virgin place, the tranquility, the kindness of the locals who were part of this unforgettable adventure, without a doubt a journey of discovery, a gift for the senses. and a lesson in humility before the beauty of nature.


As we say goodbye to this hidden corner of the Nicaraguan Caribbean, we promise ourselves to return one day to continue exploring and enjoying this paradise on earth.

If you want to visit the Cayos Perlas Wildlife Refuge, you must contact tour operators, preferably local, put together a group of at least 10 people or more, because the cost of the boat will depend on that amount. The price of the trip also varies if you decide. camping or returning the same day, the package offers hammocks, folding chairs, Caribbean dishes such as rondón or fried fish in coconut sauce, drinks are at your expense, however, there will be a thermos with ice available if you wish.

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