Maddy’s Avenue: 10 unforgettable things to do in Granada

Maddy’s Avenue is a travel and recipe blog, created by Californian Maddy Cornelius, who arrived in Nicaragua in October 2023 with her collaborator Melanie Gordon, who has dedicated different articles to describe the natural magnificence of the land of lakes. and volcanoes.

On this occasion, Granada has inspired her to write an extensive recommendation about the heritage city Granada, one of the main destinations for travelers who come and fall in love with Nicaragua. For Melanie, the tourism capital has countless incredible things to do and eat, and she says it is the perfect destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the rich culture and natural beauty of Central America.

His story begins with a brief description of the history of Granada, which dates back to 1524, when it stood as the oldest city in the region, offering a unique mix of colonial architecture, large squares and outdoor experiences. He then created the following list that we believe could help you if you plan to visit this city.

  1. Explore the Islets on a boat ride

Explore the Islets on a boat ride

Lake Nicaragua, the largest in Central America, is home to the charming Isletas de Granada. A boat tour will take you through these small islands, offering the opportunity to swim, feed monkeys and enjoy magical sunsets.

  1. Visit the Masaya volcano at sunset

Although it does not belong to Granada, it is only an hour from the city. The Masaya volcano provides the unique experience of getting up close to molten lava and offers night tours with impressive views and a direct connection to volcanic energy.


  1. Excursion to the Apoyo Lagoon

 Just 20 minutes from Granada, the Apoyo Lagoon, a freshwater crater lake, is a natural paradise. Here you will find a variety of local hotels that allow you to enjoy kayaks and floating docks.


  1. Sunset at the bell tower of the Merced church

Merced church

The Merced Church, built in 1534, offers panoramic views from its bell tower. You can go up for a small fee and at sunset it provides a unique viewing experience.

  1. Explore the local market

A five-minute walk from the center, the local market offers an authentic Nicaraguan experience. From giant avocados to traditional dishes, it is a feast of experiences, colors and flavors for the senses.

  1. Horse carriage through the city

Discover the city in a romantic way in classic horse-drawn carriages. A relaxed option to appreciate heritage architecture.

  1. Treehouse Jungle Rave Party

For nightlife lovers, partying at Treehouse Hostel is a unique experience. Located at km 57.5 of the Granada – Nandaime highway, it offers a pulsating energy, for those who want to know, there is transportation from the city of Granada.

  1. Delight yourself with a toston burger at Tostómetro

A must-see stop for food lovers is at Tostómetro, where hamburgers are served between tostones instead of bread. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t tried tostón because you are going to love it, it is based on green plantains, fried and crushed.

  1. Learn about cocoa at ChocoMuseo

Located near Parque Central, ChocoMuseo offers interactive cocoa workshops, plus a free museum and delicious chocolate products.

  1. Visit the Garden Café

Known for its charming and healthy atmosphere, the Garden Café is an iconic place in Granada. It offers fresh dishes and sparkling drinks in an environment surrounded by nature.

With this list we have no doubt that Granada is already on your list for 2024. Maddy’s Avenue also tells you where to stay, its costs, transportation methods and general information that will be useful when planning your trip, check here the original post.

the Garden Café

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