The Caribbean Route

ruta caribeña

The beauties of the landscape and the tricolor sea, history, multilingualism and multiethnicity is what gives life to the Caribbean Routes, where the rivers flowed into the Caribbean Sea, source of life, for practicing sports and contemplating nature, refuge of life of native and Afro-descendant peoples, who share their idiosyncrasy in their style.

The revitalization, protection and promotion of the multi-ethnic culture and natural wealth of the Autonomous Region of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua is the main objective of the Caribbean Routes, which comprise 20 municipalities, within which are important protected areas for the country, exuberant tropical forests, mangroves, spectacular white sand beaches and turquoise sea, a fascinating history and a varied and rich gastronomy.

The population of this territory has its own traditions, culture, gastronomy, form of organization (territorial and communal governments), way of life and worldview, closely linked to the care and respect of Mother Earth.

This tourist route offers the tourist ideal scenarios to develop cultural, nature, sun and beach tourism, ecotourism, community tourism, science, water activities such as diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, sailing competitions, among many other activities.

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