The Matagalpina Route

Matagalpina route

Dotted with mountains that give life to spectacular natural viewpoints, waterfalls, productive and fertile communities, the site of the liberating and comforting mist that invites you to disconnect to connect with its history of a brave people and people who forge the future and progress.

The Matagalpina Route offers national and foreign tourists the opportunity to discover and enjoy exceptional natural, historical-cultural and socioeconomic resources. It allows to know the culture of a strong, hard-working people with a big heart.

Matagalpa is made up of 13 municipalities: Darío City, Esquipulas, Matagalpa, Matiguás, Muy Muy, Rancho Grande, Río Blanco, San Dionisio, San Isidro, San Ramón, Sébaco, Terrabona and El Tuma – La Dalia.

The climate is cool and conducive to the cultivation of coffee, which characterizes both the economy and the culture and society of Matagalpa.

On this route you can enjoy rural, nature, agrotourism, ecotourism, adventure and cultural tourism.

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Matagalpina route
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