Iglesia Catedral Inmaculada, Granada

The Patrimonial Cites Route

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Granada and León, destinations with beauty, culture and authentic architecture. Ideal for those who enjoy studying our history, they are a trip to Nicaragua’s past and the cradle of great battles that today make them heroic cities.

Within their diversity, they have natural destinations and important international appointments. We say that Granada is one of the oldest cities in America and its architecture has been synonymous with study; and León, with its World Heritage Sites, such as the Ruins of León Viejo and its magnificent Cathedral, where the remains of the greatest poet Nicaragua has ever given birth rest.

Both cities keep a large number of historical and cultural aspects that position them within the main tourist destinations in Nicaragua, undoubtedly standing out for their number of assets declared cultural heritage of the nation.

The Routes of Heritage Cities seeks to provide Nicaraguan families and international tourists with an offer rooted in the architectural, historical, cultural, religious, poetry and nature potential.

Granada Nicaragua

The city of Granada was founded in 1524 and declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 1995. The historic area of ​​the city has 96 real estate that, due to their particular characteristics, are considered of high heritage value and comply with regulations protection special.
The city of León was founded in 1524, it is characterized for being the cradle of great poets and important figures in the political, economic and social history of Nicaragua, which has earned it the qualification of
Intellectual capital. It was declared Historical and Cultural Patrimony of the Nation in 1983.

On this route you can do historical, cultural and religious tourism.

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