Mirador La Garnacha

Enjoy the freshness and the greenery of the mountains of the municipality of Estelí

Discover the magnificent landscapes and ecosystems in the four protected areas surrounding the city.

In the “Tisey-Estanzuela Natural Reserve” you will enjoy its tropical mountain forest, with exuberant flora and fauna. The everyday activities of rural life come together here with cultural manifestations in crafts, gastronomy and more in the picturesque communities: “La Estanzuela”, “”, “La Tejera” and others.

Tisey-Estanzuela Natural Reserve

Let yourself fall in love with the sound of the wind in the pine and oak forests, cradle of the woodpecker who will captivate you with his song.

Refresh yourself in the sweet waters of the waterfall of La Estanzuela and marvel at the hills that adorn the landscape of the reserve, “El Tisey”, “El Divisadero”, “La Escala”, “El Jalacate”, “La Cueva El Duende” and the rows of “Pedernal”.

Galería de Piedra El Jalacate", where the artist Alberto Gutiérrez

Within the reserve there is a site that will give you an unforgettable experience, the “Galería de Piedra El Jalacate”, where the artist Alberto Gutiérrez has used the stone walls to make more than a hundred sculptures and drawings in high and low relief. On this tour, guided by Don Alberto himself, you will hear interesting stories about his inspiration for these sculptures.

La Garnacha

You can also visit the community of “La Garnacha”, where you will learn about environmental conservation issues, and have the opportunity to go on a guided tour with a lot of educational information about the environment. This place has a hostel for tourists where you can stay.

Cerro Quiabúc - Las Brisas Natural Reserve

The “Cerro Quiabúc – Las Brisas Natural Reserve”

If you like adventure, this site is the ideal place to hit the trails through pine forests, listening to the wind cutting through its branches. You will admire the city of Estelí from its majestic natural viewpoints.

“Cerro Tomabú Natural Reserve”

There are several diverse ecosystems, which provide protection and food to numerous species of resident fauna and migratory birds heading south. The “Tomabú and Picacho” hills are a very attractive destination for hiking, flora and fauna observation and for landscape contemplation.

The “Protected Landscape Miraflor – Moropotente”

Is located only 30 kilometers from the center of Esteli. It is a place that breathes peace and tranquility, nature is overwhelming here and its many orchids stand out for their beauty and color.

The "Protected Landscape Miraflor - Moropotente

The most noteworthy bird species are the “quetzal”, the “ranchero” or “pájaro campana” and the “swallow sparrowhawk”. You can also spot two species of parrots, magpies and the mallard.


Mammals that live in this area are: congo monkeys, segovian squirrels, “ostoche”, “guatusas”, “guardatinajas”, porcupine, “zorro meón”, “pizote” and raccoon.

If you want to experience the typical activities of rural community tourism, Miraflor is your ideal destination. You will come into contact with nature and the community, going for a walk or horseback riding on the trails to discover the different agritourism initiatives in the different communities.

Discover the “Mirador La Meseta” that offers you a spectacular view of the city of Estelí and the neighboring towns, and from where you can enjoy impressive natural trails.

La Estancia-Los Volcancitos waterfall

Relax in the cold waters of the “La Estancia-Los Volcancitos waterfall” located in the community of “El Coyolito”. This waterfall is approximately 35 meters high, or visit the “La Chorrera Falls”, a waterfall of 65 meters high.

The “Barranco Blanco Waterfall”, in the “San Gabriel” community is another spectacular destination for a trip. Getting to this place is both a challenge and an adventure in itself, it takes about three hours on horseback to reach the waterfall.

Delight yourself in the “Miradores Ocote Calzado”, in the community of “La Pita”, and enjoy its very beautiful and dense oak forest with its multiple ferns, bromeliads and orchids.

Visit “La Montañuela”, in the community “La Pita”, and venture into the  open forest with coffee plantations where you can observe many species of tropical birds. Also “El Robledal”, a pine and oak forest that is adorned with multiple orchids and Spanish Moss (locally called “old man’s beard”) hang from the branches, creating a very mysterious atmosphere.

El Cebollal

Visit the orchid nursery in the community of “El Cebollal” and explore a farm dedicated to the conservation of the cloud forest which has a variety of orchid species.

Take a walk around the community, and among small waterfalls and pools such as “La Poza Azul” or “Las Pilas”, where you can take a dip and observe the local varieties of birds and flowers.

And if adventure is your passion, from the “Sontule” community you can reach “Las Cuevas de Apagüají” which are a system of interconnected caves. Walk through a pine forest that has inspired several myths and popular legends of elves.

Share the daily life of the people of the Miraflor communities, participating in agro-ecological activities and taking care of a wide range of crops, such as coffee with natural shade, organic vegetable crops such as tomato, cabbage, chiltoma, tobacco, flowers, basic grain crops and pasture areas for cattle.