The Inn at Rancho Santana, a place to get away from everything

In the world, there are a few isolated hotels that are perfect for when you want to be alone and need to enjoy yourself.

GQ Mexico, known as the highest authority on men’s lifestyle from Mexico to Argentina, wrote about the “6 hotels isolated in nature to get away from everything” and “The Inn at Rancho Santana” appears on the list.

“This resort and community are located at Costa Esmeralda in Nicaragua, surrounded by 5 beaches with crystal clear waters. The hotel is made up of 17 villas or houses with large terraces and a great view of the sea. Rancho Santana also produces its own vegetables and fruits and is located in an area surrounded by nature”, stated the article.

The website for this Nicaraguan destination reads “Rancho Santana offers unique lodging options inspired by the rugged, natural beauty of Nicaragua’s stunning Pacific coast.”

6 hotels isolated in nature to get away from everything

The other five ideal getaway spots in the world are Nihi Sumba housed in a huge, luxurious treehouse in Indonesia; Southern Ocean Lodge on Australia’s Kangaroo Island; the Aro Ha Wellness on New Zealand’s South Island; Amangirl in the desert of Utah, United States, and Puro Vik located in the Millahue Valley of Chile.