Nicaragua Coast

25 destinations and attractions of Nicaragua’s Caribbean region


The Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua occupies 46% of the national territory, 15% of the country’s population lives here, and it is a tourist area that you must visit, know and explore.
Here are 25 tourist recommendations.


South Autonomous Caribbean Coast Region

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      • Bluefields

      • Bluff beach

      • Greenfield Wildlife Reserve

      • Pearl Lagoon

      • Orinoco community

      • Pearl cays

      • Awas

      • Great Corn Island

      • Little Corn Island

      • El Bosquesito Recreational Center

      • Kakahbila

      • Puerto Rico Recreation Center

      • Brown Bank

      • Kahka Creek Reserve


North Autonomous Caribbean Coast Region

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      • La Bocana, Puerto Cabezas

      • La Bocanita, Puerto Cabezas

      • Tuapí community, Puerto Cabezas

      • Karatá, Puerto Cabezas

      • Haulover, Puerto Cabezas

      • Miskitos cays, Puerto Cabezas

      • Wany river, Siuna

      • El Hormiguero river, Siuna

      • El Madroño Agroecological Farm, Siuna

      • Salto La Bú, Siuna

      • Siempre Viva Lagoon, Bonanza

      • Dibahill, Rosita