The Granada islets, wonder of nature of volcanic origin

The Granada Islets, or “Isletas de Granada”, in Nicaragua, is a wonder of nature of volcanic origin, possibly formed by an explosion of the Mombacho volcano, when it was still active. There is one islet for each day of the year, that’s 365.

The islets are located in the Cocibolca lake or Lake of Nicaragua, which has more than 8,000 square kilometers.

Here mansions have been built for many wealthy families from the city of Granada, as well as from other departments of Nicaragua that occupy them for their vacations.

On other islets, there are also hotels, resorts, and restaurants to serve national and foreign tourists, while some are uninhabited.

Some businesses that are on the islets rent kayaks at reasonable prices, especially for those interested in paddling the grand Lake of Nicaragua.

These islets are home to native birds and migratory ones, in some there are monkeys. Local families are engaged in fishing or provide some type of service to visitors.

The islets of Granada can be reached by boats that also offers tour to tourists.

All the islets of Granada have well-preserved vegetation, and in summer, from many of them, you can have an excellent view of the Mombacho volcano.

If you visit Granada, do not miss a tour of the islets, it’s 15 minutes from the colonial city, you will surely love it.

How to get there?

When you arrive in the city of Granada, if you travel by public transport from any department, you can take a taxi in Central Park or from any bus terminal and ask to be taken to the pier of the Granada Tourist Center (Los Chilamates area), from the Yellow Cabin (at the end of the tourist center) or to Puerto Asese to take a boat to the islets.

What islets to visit?

You can go to Isla El Pirata, an island that has a bar and restaurant, there is also a play area for children. The islands of Pico de Garza and El Cifar are also good options.

Visiting the San Pablo Fortress, built between 1670 and 1685, is another option, on this island you will know the infrastructure of what was one of the two main fortresses of the great Lake Cocibolca, which served to defend the colonial city from pirate invasion.

What activities can I do?

Use the pool, kayak, bicycle and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature while enjoying the tranquility and comfort with your family.

While sailing the Cocibolca, make a stop at Los Monos Island to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding flora and fauna.

General prices to eat?

The prices of breakfast range between C$ 100 and C$350 córdobas depending on what you choose and where to do it. Lunch costs between C$150 and C$450 córdobas and dinner between C$150 and C$350 córdobas.