María Legarda- food Nicaragua

Colombian actress delighted with Nicaraguan cuisine

Nicaragua has a rich and varied cuisine, from corn-based food, seafood, to dishes with ingredients such as coconut. Visiting the land of lakes and volcanoes means tasting something new in each corner and falling in love.

Colombian actress, dancer, and bilingual content creator, María Legarda, who took part in films like Honey: Rise Up and Dance and Night School, recently shared on her TikTok and Instagram account a video tasting some of Nicaragua’s typical dishes.

Desayuno típico

“Today we will be tasting Nicaraguan food,” says with excitement the actress, who started by drinking a cocoa drink or fresco de cacao and eating enchiladas.

Other dishes María tried were tacos, quesillo, fritanga, carnea asada, ribs soup, fried cheese with gallopinto, and traditional breakfast such as rice with egg and nacatamal.


The 30-year-old Colombian, has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and more than 2.3 million on TikTok.

She concluded her video by saying, “Hello God, it’s me, in my other life, make me be born in Nicaragua.”

@misslegarda Trying Nicaraguan food for the first time 🤔 Restaurant📍: Sabor Nicaragunse #mukbang #honestreview #nicaraguanfood ♬ Ella Baila Sola – Eslabon Armado & Peso Pluma