Discover Nicaragua's 12 tourist routes

Nicaragua is a country full of surprises and exciting adventures, with incomparable natural and cultural beauty that offers an unforgettable travel experience.

Discover 12 of the country’s tourist routes where you can experience priceless moments while enjoying delicious food, a verity of cultural expressions, nature and friendly people.

Segoviana Route: It comprises the departments of Estelí, Madriz and Nueva Segovia. Here you can enjoy rural and community tourism and a rich cultural and natural diversity that includes geoparks, mountains, handicrafts and indigenous communities.

1 - Ruta Segoviana

Matagalpina Route: Here you can experience rural, nature, agrotourism, ecotourism, adventure and cultural tourism. Travelers can get to know the culture and hospitality of the people of this region while visiting coffee farms, waterfalls and mountains.

2 - Ruta Matagalpina

Jinotegan Landscapes Route:  The beautiful landscapes of the department of Jinotega gives tourists the chance to enjoy nature, agrotourism and cultural expressions while getting away from the daily routine and connecting with their spirit and mind. Here you can enjoy cold weather, waterfalls, mountains, coffee and much more.

3 - Ruta Jinotega

Patrimonial Cities Route: The cities of León and Granada are part of this route. Here you can travel in time and learn about Nicaragua’s postcolonial and colonial history and admire the baroque architecture. Cultural and religious expression are also part of the attractions of these two cities. In León, you can visit the Cerro Negro volcano to do sandboarding or its beaches to surf. In Granada, hiking the Mombacho volcano and visiting the islets is a must.

4 - Ruta de Ciudades Patrimoniales

Route of Our Great Lake Cocibolca: Enjoy the different ecosystems and landscapes that surround Lake Nicaragua, home to many species and traditional expressions. Along this route, you can enjoy nature, culture, ecotourism, sports and rural tourism. Places like Ometepe Island, the islets of Granada, the Solentiname Archipelago, and the Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge will be part of your journey here.

5 - Ruta de Nuestro Lago Cocibolca

Route of Volcanoes: Enjoy an exciting experience in the departments of Chinandega, Leon, Managua, Masaya, Granada and Rivas. Along this route, there is a wide network of tourist services, that allows you to do adventure tourism, ecotourism, nature tourism, natural spa and saunas, scientific and rural community tourism.

6 - Ruta de Volcanes

Route of Our San Juan River: Discover the historical sites, jungles, indigenous communities and villages of the San Juan River surroundings, where you can explore, historical and cultural sites, savor delicious food and perform scientific tourism.

7 - Ruta de Nuestro Río San Juan

Route of Handicrafts Villages: Explore artisan workshops in Masaya, San Juan de Oriente, Matagalpa, Jinotega and San Juan de Limay, where high-quality handicrafts of international demand are made. Here you can be part of the elaboration process and purchase products directly from local artists in their workshops of clay, hammocks, wood, leather, black pottery and marmoline.

8 - Ruta de Pueblos Artesanos

Boaqueña and Chontaleña Route: Enjoy rural tourism, geotourism, agrotourism, adventure, culture and nature in the departments of Boaco and Chontales. In Chontales, discover places like the Amerrique Natural Reserve, the El Nancital archipelago and the Piedras Pintadas Archaeological Park, while in Boaco you can visit museums, beaches, archaeological sites, farms and waterfalls, such as the impressive La Chorrera.

9 - Ruta Boaqueña y Chontaleña

Beach Route: Perfect for those looking for relaxation and fun in the sun. This circuit covers several departments, including Chinandega, León, Managua, Carazo and Rivas. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of activities, from surfing and sport fishing to whale watching and scuba diving. Some highlights of this route include the Juan Venado Island, San Juan del Sur Beach, Popoyo Beach and the Estero Padre Natural Reserve.

10 - Ruta de Playas

Caribbean Route: A multiethnic and multilinguistic destination with rich and untouchable natural resources located on the Northern and Southern Autonomous Region of Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast. Here you can discover the cultural expressions of the 6 ethnic groups that lives on this side of the country, nature tourism, sun and beach, ecotourism, community tourism, scientific tourism, and aquatic activities such as diving, snorkeling, sport fishing and sailing competitions. Some places to visit are Bluefields, Great Corn Island, Little Corn Island, Pearl Keys, Greytown, Sandy Bay Sirpi, Punta Gorda and Monkey Point.

11 - Ruta Caribeña

Gastronomic Route: Explore the culinary traditions of the country through authentic dishes and ancestral recipes passed down from generation to generation. In the Pacific, Central and Northern regions, the main culinary base is corn and its derivatives, while on the Caribbean Coast, coconut milk and seafood are the basis. Along this route, you can savor dishes such as quesillos, enchiladitas, vigorón, güirilas, montucas and rundown, among others. Typical sweets and drinks such as pinolillo, tiste, pozol and cacao are also part of this culinary experience.

12 - Ruta Gastronómica