Nicaragua is moving towards sustainable future with the El Jaguar solar plant in León.

A new renewable energy project in Nicaragua executed by the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity adds to the electricity generation for the National Interconnection System. This is the El Jaguar solar plant, located in the municipality of Malpaisillo, in the department of León.

It covers an area of ​​39 acres with 29,184 panels divided into 4 electrical blocks, 4 4MW inverters, and 456 automatic solar trackers. Engineer Salvador Mansell, Executive President of Enatrel and Minister of Energy and Mines, expressed that Malpaisillo has great solar radiation potential.

“Here in this place we are starting with this 16MW plant, an investment of 15.7 million dollars and with modern technology to optimize the advancement in the panels with that effect that follows the sun,” said Mansell. He added that with the energy generation of this plant, 70% supplies Malpaisillo and the agro-industrial development road to San Isidro and the remaining 30% surplus is transferred to the Malpaisillo Electrical Substation located 150 meters away.

He also mentioned that there are 4 more projects that will be built in the period 2024-2025, which will complete a production of approximately 67 megawatts in an area covered with panels of more than 150 acres.

Currently, Nicaragua produces 70% of renewable energy for the national energy matrix. “Our indicative plan for the future is renewable sources,” he said.

Engineer Lonnie Zeledón, head of the El Jaguar Plant, pointed out that it has state-of-the-art technology which are the solar trackers that follow the trajectory of the sun throughout the day and bifacial solar panels, which are on the bottom and top.

“All this set is what allows us to produce more energy throughout the year,” he affirmed. Similarly, he stated that a second stage of El Jaguar is planned, which would be located on the south side and would be 20MW connected to the same Malpaisillo Substation, scheduled for 2025.