These celebrities have arrived in Nicaragua in 2024

These celebrities have arrived in Nicaragua in 2024

The Nicaragua destination continues to be one of the fascinating and irresistible attractions for actresses, celebrities, content creators and artists of international stature, who visit the land of lakes and volcanoes to enjoy the natural and cultural beauties it has.

Since 2024 began, many have come to this paradise to live unforgettable experiences that accumulate in the trunk of their memories, such is the case of the Mexican actress and model Aislinn Derbez, who in April showed on her Instagram account how amazed she felt during her visit to the country and how beautiful this Central American jewel seemed to her.

The singer, also Mexican, joined the parade carpet for the Pinolero nation. Luis Ángel “El Flaco”, who from his social networks did not stop sharing how great a time he was having since he arrived in the territory, to be part of a series of concerts that he offered to his fans.


Nicaraguan gastronomy is one of the elements that “captures” those who taste it, as an example is the famous DJ Sak Noel, who on his Instagram shared images of the delicious gallopinto, the fried cheese and other delicacies that he had tasted when visiting this homeland to give a concert to the admirers of his music.

Others who have decided to have beautiful moments in incredible Nicaragua are: Alex Outhwaite, Prime Video host; Sophie Nélisse, main actor in the famous film “Book Thief”; Heather Storm, well-known actress and YouTuber; JH de la Cruz, creator of the phrase “What a blessing”, as well as Brad Faxon, professional golf player.

So far this year, different artists have visited the largest nation in Central America to dedicate the best of their musical repertoires, which include Luis Miguel, Los Temerarios, Mon Laferte, Carlos Rivera, Mora, Tokisha, Bronco and Oro Solido, responsible for drawing sighs and bringing out the deep emotions of those who sing each of their performances, thus taking home a sample of the friendly and happy personality of the Nicaraguans. 

In recent years, Nicaraguan beauties have attracted celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Amanda Cerny, Justin Long, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey, Cyndi Lauper, Diane Lane, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Halle Berry, Rafael Nadal and the Princess Eugenie of York that was committed here.

Likewise, influencers have come; bloggers; filmmakers; international television networks; Thai, Mexican and Asian producers who have recorded reality shows, and in 2020 the acrobat Nick Wallenda He performed a feat on the Masaya volcano, crossing it from side to side on a rope.