The Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve

Mombacho Volcano is known as the “Sultan”, rising 1,345 meters above sea level.

It is one of the biological islands of the Pacific of Nicaragua and one of the last remnants of cloud and dwarf forest in the country. This area is very important for research and for the survival of several species that are unique in the world. The cloud forest and dwarf forest ecosystems have a cool climate, they remain covered with clouds almost all year round and they are always green, even during the dry season.

Mombacho VolcanoThe cool climate, the coffee plantations and the spectacular views make the Mombacho volcano one of the obligatory stops for every visitor who arrives in Granada.

In this natural reserve there are species of flora that are emblematic for the municipality, such as the orchid “maxillaria mombachoensis”, which is a unique species in the world, and the “freziera friedrichstaliana” tree, which is only to be found in Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica.

Mombacho Volcano

Among the endemic fauna species that live in this natural reserve, we mention: the salamander (Bolitoglossa mombachoensis) and the butterfly (Napeogenes tolosa mombachoensis).

There are three trails to choose from if you want to go hiking in this natural reserve:

Mombacho Volcano

The “El Cráter” Trail: this trail is one kilometer long and it will take you approximately an hour and a half. You can either choose to go by yourself or hire the services of a guide. The trail offers the opportunity to walk through the only cloud forest in the Pacific of Nicaragua and get to know the species of local flora and fauna. It takes you to the dwarf forest with fumaroles and offers spectacular views to the north where you can see the city of Granada, the islets, the Asese Peninsula, Laguna de Apoyo and the Masaya Volcano National Park.

The “el Tigrillo” Trail: two kilometers long, it takes approximately 2 hours ½. The degree of difficulty of the trail is moderate and you will need to hire the services of a certified guide in order to be allowed to access this trail. It will take you to viewpoints where you can look out over the Islets of Granada, the vast Lake Cocibolca and the highest peak of the Mombacho volcano.

The “El Puma” Trail: this trail is four kilometers long, and it takes an average of four hours. A certified guide is required. This trail is designed for those visitors and groups that want to spend more time in contact with nature in the reserve and that are willing to accept the physical challenge of “El Puma”. The trail enters the virgin area of the cloud forest, it borders the main crater of the volcano which in its center has a fumarole that permanently emits sulfur gases.

Mombacho VolcanoIts route is winding with ascents and descents between gorges; viewpoints with spectacular views such as “Los Vientos” at 1,145 m above sea level, “La Roca” at 1,222 m above sea level and the new “Mirador Vista de Águila”.

Get to know the “Mombacho Volcano tunnel” on a tour through this majestic colossus where you will be surrounded by nature and you will be able to capture great panoramic pictures of the surroundings. This tour is an activity you can´t afford to miss when visiting Granada.