Adventure, adrenaline

Adventure, adrenaline, and commitment to the environment

Adventure tourism is one of the essential characteristics of the Miravalle Canopy Tour, located 10 minutes from the city of Granada and 55 kilometers from the Nicaraguan capital, Managua.

Since the year 2000, this project was created mainly to take care of the forests and fauna of the area.

At certain times of the month, reforestation activities are carried out in which there are between 10,000 and 20,000 coffee plants, fruit trees, and precious wood that are planted in the area.

Canopy Tour Miravalle is a tour dedicated to the coffee growing area, six-kilometer hikes to the top of the Mombacho volcano, accommodated by the visitor’s schedules and resistance.

The specialty of Miravalle is canopy, considered one of the most enjoyed adventure activities by national and foreign tourists, where each swip plaining contains two kilometers of wiring with a double security system.

25 guides are those that are at the service of visitors, the prices are special for groups, it has accessibility to share breakfast or lunch, there are also spaces to carry out different types of activities.

Some 25,000 people live the experience each year, it has been done by people in a wheelchair and also without optical vision, so there is no excuse to not do it.

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