in Nicaragua there is no snow -1

You don’t need snow when there are mountains

Worldwide, during the month of December, most of the time when we talk about Christmas we always think of snow, but although in Nicaragua there is no snow, there are very cool areas where you can have a good time.

All year round our country experiences maximum temperatures of 37 degrees, sometimes the thermal sensation is 40 degrees Celsius. December makes us roll up our coats.

In the north of the country, we find ideal options to end the year “shivering”.

In Jinotega is located the Datanlí – El Diablo Natural Reserve, La Bastilla Ecolodge, where you can enjoy a cool climate, in a foggy forest at 1,200 meters above sea level.

It offers accommodation in cabins with hot water and solar energy, camping, healthy eating, nature, exotic bird watching, hiking, coffee production process, personalized attention, and security.

You can pay US$ 60 for the cabin for a couple, US$ 120 for four people, US$ 100 for a cabin for three, and US$ 45 for an individual, all including breakfast.

Contact: (505) 2782-4335 / (505) 8654-6235


Always in Jinotega, on kilometer 195 highway to El Cua is the Centro de Entendimiento con la Naturaleza, it is a comprehensive research center located in the Peñas Blancas Massif, guaranteed a natural and cold Christmas.

For US$ 50 rent a personal cabin, for US$ 40 a family cabin (per person), and US$ 30 a bedroom, which includes a preferred tour, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. CEN Nature offers lodging, food, hiking, and native bee tours. The specialty of this place is working bamboo.

Contact: (505) 8470-7590 / (505) 8413 1827


In Madriz you can also have a chilly season, the Reserva Natural Tepesomoto la Patasta has a mountain climate, typical of the area which is located at more than 1,200 meters of altitude, in each municipality that comprises the reserve there are different trails, the best known being those that offer in the municipality of Las Sabanas and reaching the viewpoints of San José de Cusmapa.

For information on specific destinations, do not hesitate to consult the delegation of the Nicaragua Tourism Board of this area at 2722-0968. Ask for information to know about hiking, bird watching, strawberry production, lagoons, natural viewpoints, and hosting.

In San Juan del Río Coco is the Parque Natural El Majaste, also a place with a mountain climate, at more than 1,300 meters above sea level. Perfect for the production of coffee cultivation and to relax during this vacation season. The hotel and restaurant offer can be recommended by the INTUR Madriz delegation.

Happy Holidays!