The Soul of the World, a hidden treasure in the Caribbean of Nicaragua

In Great Corn Island, on the southern Caribbean coast, is one of the little-known treasures of Nicaragua: The Soul of the World, located on the second-highest point of the island, is in the center of Quinn Hill’s playground with a beautiful panoramic view of the historic beaches of Southwest Bay and Broad Bay.

The Soul of the World is a macrosculpture of deep meaning that emerges from the depths of the Earth in the form of a tetrahedral pyramid. This vertex is in eight places around the world that connects the Earth, and one is located in the land of lakes and volcanoes —Nicaragua.

The construction of this global work began in 1988. Of the eight vertices, six have already been built, these being the one in Moloka’i Island in Hawai’i, United States; Kalahari, a territory belonging to the African country of Botswana; Arahura, New Zealand; Tierra del Fuego in Argentina; Badgarin in the Siberia region of Russia and Great Corn Island, Nicaragua.

The monument is currently under construction in Galicia, Spain, and the last one will be at the bottom of the sea near Cocos Islands, an external territory in the Indian Ocean belonging to Australia.


The sculpture of Nicaragua

Commonly known by the locals as “the pyramid”, its color is golden sienna and at first glance, it looks like a triangle, like the coat of arms of Nicaragua.

It was built in 2006 by the Spanish sculptor Rafael Trénor, and his work team. It is made up of a cube inscribed in the sphere of the Earth. After various investigations and analyses, they found that Great Corn Island was one of the eight points that connected the inner cube to the globe.

For Trénor, The Soul of the World, is the largest sculpture on the planet, since he necessarily includes it in its entirety. It is a monument to the soul of the world, a concept shared by so many primitive cultures and that today reminds us that the Earth is the common home of all species and all peoples. It is, therefore, a tribute to the feminine, to Mother Earth.


The cube symbolizes the earth and the feminine, and the sphere the sky and the masculine. Thus, the meeting of these two giant geometric figures generates an integrating symbol of duality that on Corn Island offers one of the cube’s eight vertices.

The location of each vertex is in the places of the world that coincide with the eight corners or vertices of the immense cube supposedly inscribed in the sphere of the earth, that is, each place that connects the earth, having, of course, its antipode.

Where a vertex is found, everything is very different; from the frozen taiga of Siberia to the warm and heavenly beauty of Corn Island.

The Soul of the World is a unique monument that must be visited by all lovers of the spiritual and sculptural.

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