6 places to visit in the Caribbean of Nicaragua

6 places to visit in the Caribbean of Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s Caribbean is fascinating and irresistible, its turquoise waters, friendly people, vibrant cultural expressions and multi-ethnicity give another unique touch to this region, which is also rich in natural beauty and exquisite cuisine.

These are six places recommended by collaborators of Visit Nicaragua to discover in the Caribbean region of Nicaragua.

Playa El Paraíso, Intur RACCS

El Paraíso Beach: Located in Puerto Cabezas in the North Caribbean region. Here you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, have picnics, camp and refresh yourself in the waters of the Dakura Lagoon, situated in the Tawira indigenous territory.

Laguna Karatá - María José Álvarez

Karatá lagoon and community: Spend time with the locals of this indigenous community of Puerto Cabezas, learn about their customs and savor typical dishes such as auhbipiakan, bunya and dikuruna, you can also swim in the waters of the Karatá lagoon.

Salto Labú - Foto Ellieth Ramírez

Labú Waterfall: This stunning cascade and pond is located in the municipality of Siuna, nearby the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve. Visiting this site means contemplating mother nature in all its splendor and experiencing rural tourism.

Cayos Perlas - 9

Pearl Cays: Located 35 kilometers from Pearl Lagoon are these 18 islets surrounded by turquoise waters and rich marine life. Here you can practice water sports, go camping and gaze at the stars to the rhythm of the waves at night.

Greenfields, Kukra Hill

Kukra Hill: Here you can visit places like the Greenfields Wildlife Reserve to contemplate nature or visit the cocoa, African palm and coconut farms to learn about the planting and process of these important products for the local economy.

Little Corn Island -miss

Little Corn Island: World-renowned island for its pristine beaches and coral reefs. Visiting this gem means learning about the Creole Afrodescendant culture, tasting coconut-based seafood dishes, scuba diving, snorkeling and sport fishing.