Get to know Nicaragua with this travel guide

The Travel Amazing, published on its web portal, a travel guide to discover the land of lakes and volcanoes, emphasizing that the country has the best roads in Central America, facilitating movement from one destination to another.

Nicaragua has impressive natural landscapes, it is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, it has 19 volcanoes and 7 are still active, a history woven with threads and a culture that will make you fall in love with this corner of the world.

The guide takes you to tour 4 Nicaraguan cities, starting with its capital, Managua, starts with a brief historical review, recommends visiting Loma de Tiscapa, the Historic Center of Managua composed of the National Palace and the Old Cathedral, then invites you to visit Puerto Salvador Allende, which houses a wide variety of attractions inside, including a wide range of local and international cuisine.


Granada, is the second destination, here you appreciate the architectural beauty of the city and its pastel-colored houses, the great sultana is one of the oldest cities in America, celebrating its 500 years of foundation… its majestic yellow cathedral stands out with its imposing bells In addition, it invites you to explore its streets, its islands, enjoy the nightlife and dine in one of its restaurants.


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On your tour of Granada, you have to visit the Mombacho volcano, which offers you incredible panoramic views of the islets, meadows covered by a lush cloud forest full of vegetation, orchids, butterflies and several trails that will test your resistance.

The north of the country is also present in this section and very well represented by Matagalpa, the first stop is the National Coffee Museum, where you will learn about the history and the entire production process of the golden bean, tour the city, talk to its people, learn about its history and appreciate the statues of its heroes: Tomás Borge and Carlos Fonseca Amador.


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Another option is to visit the Selva Negra ecoresort, which has a large organic coffee plantation, the guides will take you on a tour of the farm, you will learn about the cultivation process, at the same time you will immerse yourself in the cloud forest that surrounds the area, and finally you will be able to Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at the restaurant on the edge of the lagoon and rest in one of the cabins.

Finally, the guide takes you to León, starting with the ancient Ruins of León Viejo, the history portrayed here is that of the 16th century, this site is a Historical Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

León, with a colonial heritage and picturesque streets, was home to the glorious poet Rubén Darío, its heart being its white cathedral, also named -by UNESCO- a World Heritage Site, on its top you can see the entire city, the volcanic mountain range and warm sunsets.

In León, they also suggest going to the Hervideros de San Jacinto, located 20 kilometers from the city; and to quell the heat, don’t hesitate to take a walk in Las Peñitas, here you recharge your batteries, walk on the sand and enjoy the local cuisine.

If you visit the Central American nation, do not hesitate to return to this guide written by Rupert Parker.