San Ramón Waterfall, Altagracia

5 scenarios to obtain beautiful postcards of Ometepe

In the middle of a freshwater lake is the paradisiacal Ometepe Island, a sanctuary that preserves the flora and fauna of this jewel, located in the department of Rivas. Due to its wide natural offering, the island has various places where you can portray iconic, unique and fascinating moments.

La Paloma Airport, Moyogalpa

In the municipality of Moyogalpa and on the way to Altagracia, La Paloma Airport is located. In recent years it has become popular with photographs of visitors who are amazed by the splendid view that the area has, at the end of the runway the imposing volcano Concepción gives one of the most wonderful experiences that can be captured through the lens.
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Point Jesus Maria

4 kilometers from Moyogalpa, the entrance to this magical place is located where sunset lovers will discover a unique setting to photograph this special moment of the day, a path of at least 2 kilometers made up of sand allows you to take a walk until you reach At the top, the panoramic view will make you adore the scenic beauty made up of elements such as Lake Cocibolca, the Concepción and Maderas volcanoes, as well as the natural environment that surrounds it in orange and brown tones.

Ojo de Agua Natural Reserve

 It is located in the Santo Domingo community of the municipality of Altagracia, due to its crystalline waters, healing properties and nature, it is one of the most visited sites and where photography lovers venture to pose and enjoy. It is an unmissable place.


Lagoon in the Maderas Volcano crater

At 1,934 meters above sea level is the crater of the Maderas volcano formed by an enigmatic and natural lagoon – we recommend you wear comfortable shoes and clothing -, arriving at the site after 4 hours of walking (minimum) and with the help of a tour guide , you can taste victory as you discover the view offered by the spring of water that lies from the bowels of the colossus.

San Ramón Waterfall, Altagracia

On the slopes of the Madera volcano, in the community of San Ramón, Altagracia, there is also one of the most majestic environments on the island, it is the San Ramón waterfall which you can reach, approximately, after an hour and a half of walk… photographs, rest, get fresh air, be in contact with the natural wealth, are some ideas to do so that you can enjoy your stay here.