Somoto Canyon

Somoto Canyon, an unforgettable adventure in Nicaragua

Located in northern Nicaragua, 14 kilometers west of the city of Somoto, departmental capital of Madriz, is this amazing geological structure, which locals also know as Namancambre, this National Monument is the number one geosite in the Rio Coco Geopark, designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO.

The Somoto Canyon is a natural and cultural treasure that promises an unforgettable experience. Its refreshing emerald green waters protected by immense rocks come from the Tapacalí rivers, which originate in the municipality of San José de Cusmapa, joining the Comalí River of Honduras.


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The best way to get to know this natural wonder is through a guided walk, there are different routes: the basic, intermediate and long, there are also tour for the top.

The basic course lasts 3 to 4 hours, starting in the community of Sonís, where you travel 2 kilometers, you will be able to see panoramic views of dry forests, listen to the chirping of birds, the flow of water and talk with the locals.

You cross the river on foot, the water is waist or knee deep – it depends on the season -, then you board boats with rows for about 700 meters to the entrance of the canyon.

On its stony bottom, the calm current is interrupted by rock formations that give rise to about 7 or 8 pools with semi-stagnant waters, creating an environment full of life with plants and fish.

You will walk on the rocks, swim in the waters of the Coco River, if you want to do a dive and, finally, float on inner tubes going for about 400 meters.


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El tour The average is 4 hours and you cover half of the canyon. It is necessary to be in good physical condition and know how to swim. Like the previous route, this one begins in the community of Sonís, walking 2.5 kilometers until you reach the river, then you go over the rocks with water up to your waist, you enter the narrowest part of the canyon, there you have to swim 2 kilometers Until you reach the rowboats, you advance to where it ends… you walk 2.5 kilometers until you reach the entrance of the reserve.


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El tour long has a duration of 6 hours, the same is done as in the middle, but to this is added the visit to the caves formed by water erosion.

Whatever option you choose, it will be worth it, this wonder of the world promises you a lasting experience, its landscapes, its incredible background, its refreshing waters, its serenity, everything is conducive to spending an incredible day… don’t forget to take photographs to remember. .

Before you go, you should know that there is no lens that does justice to this natural beauty, only your eye will be able to capture so much green immensity nestled in the north of Nicaragua.