The German content creator who visited Nicaragua and fell in love with the country

There’s no secret that Nicaragua attracts people of all nationalities, especially for its charm, nature, friendly people, culture, traditions, and countless places where to relax and venture.

Jannes Hirschfeld, a young German content creator, said that he enjoyed some of the best months of his life in the country, venturing into the colonial cities and several tourist destinations.

The adventure of Hirschfeld began after finishing his high school studies, that’s when he decided to take a gap year and tour some European countries, but being in Italy, he decided to take a transatlantic trip.

“At first, I was planning on going to Brazil to visit a friend, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions it was somewhat difficult, so, checking online, I found a plane ticket to Panama for the following day and I decided to buy it”.

@jannescapecosas que tienes que hacer en #nicaragua 🇳🇮 precio de managua a corn island: 320c. (autobús) + 255c. (barca) = 575c. solo de ida 🏝♬ original sound – jannescape


He spent a few months volunteering in the canal country, traveling afterward up north to Costa Rica where he spent two weeks. From there, he decided to visit Nicaragua.

It was in Nicaragua that this young content creator decided to create his TikTok account and start uploading videos of his adventures.

“After creating my first videos and uploading them to TikTok, I noticed that people liked them. While in Nicaragua, I started uploading videos of the country and my account started to grow fast, it was crazy! People liked my content; they were recommending me to visit their cities and to join their trips”.

Jannes said that he liked and enjoyed Nicaragua because it’s a safe country and its people are friendly.



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“There are people who had told me not to visit the country because it is dangerous or that I wouldn’t find anything interesting. I ignored those comments and decided to get to know the country for myself, it exceeded my expectations. It’s a very beautiful and safe country, with friendly and cozy people. Nicaragua is unique.”

In his journey through this central American nation, he managed to visit Rivas, Granada, Managua, León, the Caribbean, Jinotega, Estelí, Somoto, and Matagalpa, where he discovered places that conquered his heart.

On his social media, he listed several places that he enjoyed and recommend people to visit, being the Christ of Mercy in San Juan del Sur; Las Peñitas and the Cathedral in León; the Concepción Volcano in Ometepe Island; the Estanzuela waterfall in Estelí and The Brellera in San Rafael del Norte, Jinotega, some of them.

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